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About Us
GyreOx is a privately-held biotechnology company, based on the Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, UK.

The Company is focussed on creating novel medicines addressing complex intra-cellular targets in a wide range of diseases.  Its proprietary platform technology is based on a combination of chemistry and synthetic biology deploying a set of rationally engineered enzymes.

GyreOx's experienced and successful management team will bring new therapeutics to market to address this opportunity using its proprietary discovery platform to create its unique GyrocycleTM molecules.

GyreOx Ltd. was founded in May 2019 to commercialise the technological breakthroughs made by its scientific founders, Professor James Naismith, University of Oxford, and Professor Marcel Jaspars, University of Aberdeen.

We have secured our first seed investment, and have been awarded a Technology Development Accelerator Award by Innovate UK.

This support will enable us to:

  • automate our platform to allow creation of focussed libraries of GyrocycleTM macrocyclic peptides (100's per library);
  • commercially validate the technology through revenue-generating discovery alliances with already engaged Pharma;
  • optimise a lead in our first in-house cancer program;
  • acquire and develop further drug targets.
The Team
The team at GyreOx have a track record of innovation and success, and 85 years of combined specialist knowledge
Dr Bill Primrose
Founder and CEO
Professor James Naismith
Founder and Technical Director
Dr Wouter van der Linden
Principal Scientist
Professor Marcel Jaspars
Founder and Principal Consultant
Offering Discovery Alliance opportunities to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies

We are offering Discovery Alliances with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies interested in developing macrocyclic peptides in their therapeutic area of interest for:

  • Synthesis of small focussed libraries of Gyrocycle(TM) highly modified macrocyclic peptides;
  • Hit-to-lead, rational design from linear and cyclic peptides, macrocycles, structural information and other starting points;
  • Address targets currently being exploited by biologics, but through oral delivery;
  • Access to intracellular targets;
  • Scale-up.