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About Us

Treating complex diseases with solutions inspired by nature, GyreOx offers rapid production of designed libraries of Gyrocycle™ highly modified macrocyclic peptides to hit ‘undruggable’ targets.

GyreOx has developed a pipeline to design and rapidly generate focused libraries of molecules that can hit previously undruggable targets.

Our combination of computational design, automation and unique engineered enzymes allows us to deliver novel drugs in the chemical space beyond the 'rule of 5'. Focussed library design enables better compound-target interaction and the tuning of important drug properties. No other technology offers GyreOx's degree of flexibility in design and production.

The Science
GyreOx has engineered nature to create designer molecules to treat complex human diseases with unmet medical need. We aim to bring new drugs to the clinic.

We use a computational strategy to design GyrocycleTM complex modified cyclic peptides against extended drug targets such as protein-protein interactions.  An automated platform (MACRO), employing our engineered enzymes, creates libraries of these compounds with tuneable physicochemical properties.  These enzymes carry out complex chemical transformations in minutes or hours compared to the days, or not at all, for equivalent synthetic chemistry processes.  Delivery of designed focussed libraries is possible in weeks from the start of the process.

Our base at the Research Complex at Harwell provides access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to deliver the GyreOx mission.  Our technology is based on ground-breaking science carried out by Professor James Naismith (University of Oxford) and Professor Marcel Jaspars (University of Aberdeen).

GyreOx will participate widely within its industry sector, attending both scientific and business development conferences, and publicising its technical and commercial achievements.
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September 15, 2021News

"Modified Heterocyclase" patent granted in Europe

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September 14, 2021News

An ambitious and motivated graduate is sought to join our team

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September 09, 2020News

We are delighted to announce that GyreOx has been shortlisted into the final round in the 'Best Start-up BioTech Company' category of the 2020 OBN Awards.

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